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Maurizio Piccirillo

Critical Texts

It 's a fickle and changeable universe where one draws near Maurice Piccirillo. The weight work is calculated in MB and its natural environment is identified on the computer screen, or a projection. Virtual space offers artists many sensory pathways, to explore using only his artistic sensitivity, has become theme of the different components work. Obsessive and intriguing is the use of technology which relies entirely the author: the creation of images. The visual system was, in fact, made with a mathematical calculation, which, to varying mathematical formulas in it, you can also shape images of fractals. The nature itself of these forms mysterious charm pours his entire work: the figures floating in a deep black and impalpable, in amniotic darkness from which the artist will release poems. Mandelbrot creator of "fractal" and the first scholar of these geometric objects considered that the relationship between fractals and nature were still deeper than you might think:
“It is believed that somehow have the fractal correlation with the structure of the human mind, which is why people find them so familiar. This familiarity is still a mystery deepens more and more the topic of the mystery increases”
(Benoit Mandelbrot)

Centro Culturale Bertolt Brecht (Milano)


The works of Maurice Piccirillo, contemporary visual artist but also a poet, writer, musician, are characterized by the use of technology because their natural environment is represented on a computer screen or video projections. The use of fractal geometric object that is repeated in ever-smaller scale the same structure of departure, the author is used to represent a nature full of mysterious shapes that are left floating in dark spaces.

Dott.ssa Linda Filacchione (VISTA Arts e Comunication – Rome)


Maurice Piccirillo presents his groundbreaking research on fractals. Geometric objects are replicated, repeating on a smaller scale the same starting point. The artist explores nature as a hidden charge itself forms mysterious and fascinating. Its fractal span funds dark to show all their communicative power.

Artistic Director: Dott.ssa Rosi Raneri (TAORMINA GALLERY- Taormina – ME)


Maurice Piccirillo This exhibition presents a changing universe, a universe in which the weight of the work is calculated in megabytes and its natural environment is identified on the computer screen or a projection. The visual system has been made with a mathematical calculation that the variation of mathematical formulas in it, you can shape fractal images: a dark and mysterious figures floating in amniotic intangible, real poetry of the artist.

Artistic Director: Dott.ssa Siberiana Di Cocco (Cinema Lumiere – Pisa)


The art of visual Piccirillo is not a vehicle for better understanding of his poetry, everything seems moved by the heart, we see the figures that float like words in a dance of foreign assets, dissolved in a timeless dimension, float and breathe, a game particles in complete harmony and synchrony, nothing is out of place, no note that jars. We seem to see them live its Fractals, while flights of fancy rest on a black background and bright, an obsessive punctuality which dilutes and thins it in its beauty. Infinite lines are tangled in romantic twists, giving life to a spectacle of color and imagination, everything seems to be dominated by a beautiful melody. The art of Piccirillo is elegant and simple at the same time, is a movement of the soul that can give a bright and delicate visual expression, romantic and sensitive.

Art Critic Lorenza Fragomeni (Mda Milano)


The instinct of time is a screening of the space dimension developed by Maurice Piccirillo vector in memory. Memory and memories that generate chaotic and emotional disorder, a situation early in order reinterpreted spread of points, lines, curves, elements which are added to lyrical architecture of human feeling, and color shades. It's like a mathematical equation are hidden in the labyrinthine sequence of colors and shapes, creating an image that contains within it the genome that bore her. It is a series of formulas and geometric shapes to maximize underlying representation rational rather than an expression of feeling. The creative horizon, reflected in the grid of thoughts, then enters musical consonance with the harmonic order, are dynamic grids where the vanishing point driven by Piccirillo, remain fixed for eternity in strict magic sound of Fractals in suspension. Deformation of persistent work, the ebb and flow that goes through anamorphosis struggling in the revolution, suddenly sucks cosmic energy and lives in the tension of an ellipse, while the geometric abstraction - Space took refuge in building image-based on the number, the ideal bridge between the intersections of multiple diagonals. A situation that flexes the inspiration harmonic s'incendia sublime in fire of passion burning brain and the furrows of reason. The temporal trajectory matter, so corroded breaks in micro - the vital energy carrier cells potentised evolving, flowing almost inhale the strings of desire harmonious Piccirillo's work seem to be reflections and thoughts portrayed in architecture, presence of an internal entity capable of detecting the membership of a sphere separate from the skin of reality. Its edges are arranged in circles sensitivity disembodied virtual intermeshing and contrasting with the dissonant cracks relational fills the space in every direction. The structure determines striking visual effects in motion between forms and combinations of colors, geometric patterns, transparencies as overlays increasingly complex where a high voltage through the language of rational design and geometric evanescent emotions dilated sensory titillation. Within the limits of their nature are killed and brought to life an illusory three-dimensional configurations, the mind will remain seduced, and reconstructs a revision of perspective in his own image and likeness, from which extrapolates Piccirillo sound silent vibrational changes. A metaphysical relationship with the order of the universe, rests in the breath of this fluid conceptualization existential dressed in light, toward which he is unexpectedly arrived. The work space is left in order precise, accurate rhythm, almost dissolved in the landscapes and moods of abstraction in the lust of surreal concentric tension that develops within the creative fever, glossy dangerous, delirious alienation of mathematical syntax - rational or better - artistic science. Metamorphosis of equations in / visible in the combination of forms, have realized that an escape route, process, therefore, the focal point of their body intangible implosive energy charge primordial resonances. Here then beyond figural disorder, audacious as a spectrum of sensory lymph, the fractal structure reveals its purest sense to limit the aesthetic consciousness is without a flash, glow drawn from real life and threatening a compression together, a force that ungovernable through and turns it into drive drive, as if to say the amorphous plastic in the form devastated by the impact. Suspended between the virtual and the real art of Piccirillo, beyond space and makes the skin in fleeting fragments penetrating all sizes. Fragments are lattice structures breathtakingly ethereal and in an instant who are lying on the seabed, they begin to engage in night color. It is a synthesis of form, a succession of rhythmic patterns, simple harmonic, there is what we see, there is only what our perception photographer attracted to the suggestion in the iris, the inner space of the viewer seems to be reconfigured into liquid architecture and floating the sound reflective surface behind it a single detail of the fractal, probed, zoomed, sectioned and generates less than its very presence, the result has been a steady expansion of transitional thoughts, abstract constructions in naked waiting but maybe it's just waiting for the naked truth. From this visionary alchemy, matter, energy, information flow in the liquidation of the moment, the time kept by the instinct of time and screened in the sputtering elliptical language reassembled in fractal geometry, inside a complex and intimate articulation mathematics underpins the entire Construction Art Piccirillo. A monad sound moves slowly toward the rugged coastline of a fractal, sinuous, irregular, discontinuous. In his deep ephemeral lightness of a dust iridescent opens as malleable intellectual work and reveals the cosmic note from which comes the single beam of light perceived by our eyes before it is swallowed by the black hole. On this stretch of time space instinct yields to gentle curves of volume digital intellectual seduction, the glow coil of hyperdynamic transparency and reality erupts into a vortex where all the aesthetic sensibilities combine to create a visual sensation: enchantment for the senses , enchantment for the mind. The transience of all that the instinct of fractal time shares carry a pure concept, we can say almost a philosophy drawn from reflection on the eternity of the moment escaped the life, this ever closer through the form, thought, ' idea that will take us elsewhere, or orbits order? Particles or waves? Beings, instances creative essences: illusions only allusion in the attraction of Mauritius Piccirillo.

Art Critic and Director Website Bluarte Antonella Iozzo (Borgo Valsugana – TN)


The Poet of writing sound

It 'an exhibition of works which explore the expressive sign and the musicality of fractals the future of digital art. In them the "how" of their creator is given first to contamination between technology and art, to the horizon silhouetted against the lyricism of the verses el'evocazione speech, and digital writing, the other the rigorous research and testing tireless new materials and their possible answers. The exhibition projects with a broad path and meticulous study and experiential unit, where the fractal is supported with a view es'accompagna interdisciplinary and multi-sensory art. The multisensory itself as new dialogue with an audience that is emotionally driven and involved in sharing a different role to benefit the arts. Role increasingly geared towards the union of art / technical research oriented and thorough investigation of being (Sein) and sein (to be sein). The life and death (as part of life), love el'incomunicabilità of our world are the central themes of poetic artist who makes the probe and with metaphors twilight - not the poet-child weeping corazziniana memory - but of 'man "aware" that eats, sees, hears, acknowledges, agrees: all actions fueled by an inner force, generated by a trained sensibility and intimate suffering of those who fear there is no listening, and those transferred in both the lyricism of signs and color fast, and delicate, that the visions pale fluid that leave the life, opening the great reflection on the illness and death. But is the same artist-poet tells us that "... there's honey in (his) veins: the voice and the musicality of its fractal compounds, lively, harmonious and sometimes intimisitici that seem fully restore something in the lines" clock from the branch of an oak: the realization of his dream of a free man. " The vision of the works is therefore a creative dialogue and calls, facilitate, total immersion in the unique world and universal art.

Art Critic Dr. Giuliana Donzello "Art Studio Mes3" in Leghorn


Maurizio Piccirillo: Artist - Performer - Writer - Poet - Musician