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Maurizio Piccirillo

The Poetics of Fractals

The visual art is the ultimate artistic territory explored by me. I started in the eighties with the music, continuing in the nineties with poetry and then, about a couple of years, discovered digital art. All this happened when I probing the mysterious and fascinating world of fractals. My intention was from the outset to combine the mathematical science to artistic creativity. With this partnership, I like to think that it may be a more immediate, but elegant touch and empathy, to forward my poetry and my musicality that has always characterized my artistic personality. Technically, my artwork is the digital processing by a computer program for generating fractal that later, print on professional photographic paper and assembled according to location, materials used and the specific project to which they are intended.

The Fractal assemble them with the following material:
1) plessiglass
2) canvas
3) forex
4) gataform

Fractals Photogallery

Fatal Embrace     Aquamarine     Fleeting Moments

Candy     Arab Caressing     Constellation

Directions     E-Volution     Flowers

Cutter     Galaxies     Home Rettus

Unknown     The dance of the swan     Reflux

The path     The swirl     The mass

The pipe     Lips Of Devil 7     Nebular 2

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"The Poetics of fractals"

(video by Sabrina Ronca - Pisa)

Maurizio Piccirillo: Artist - Performer - Writer - Poet - Musician